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Wonderware Historian

The Wonderware Historian is a high-performance real-time database for the industrial enterprise that offers unparalleled scalability, up to 500,000 tags, with greater retrieval throughput than ever before. The Historian can be configured either as a single data collection and aggregation system, or as a part of a larger, multi-tiered architecture. Local facilities have the high resolution data they need for detailed troubleshooting and corporate decision makers can have the aggregated data to compare the performance of multiple facilities.

For geographically distributed facilities, the Wonderware Historian is the ideal choice with its ability to maintain data integrity while handling intermittent, late or bursts of data.

Many industrial companies require 24/7 access to process data while keeping their control and business networks isolated from each other. The Wonderware Historian offers a highly cost effective solution for both of these requirements. Our Redundant Historian option provides a simple, low cost high availability solution, as well as offering cost effective isolation between control and business networks.

With the added power and versatility of Wonderware Historian Client, you can quickly visualize process upsets and accelerate your decision-making, troubleshooting and process optimization efforts. Since Historian is SQL compatible a myriad of other reporting solutions can access your process data.

Wonderware Historian is a core component of the ArchestrA System Platform.


Key Benefits

  • Provides complete data record of operations
  • Generates actionable information for faster, more accurate decision-making
  • Scalable to all industrial manufacturing and infrastructure operations
  • Supports Business Continuity initiatives
  • Aids in regulatory compliance requirements
  • Unify information from multiple manufacturing and HMI/SCADA systems
  • Now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2012! SQL Server 2012 sets the new standard for “mission critical,” coupled with industry-required high availability and performance capabilities

Key Capabilities

  • High speed data compression, storage and retrieval
  • Scalable up to 500,000 tags per Historian
  • Single or Multi-Tier architectures supported
  • Full data integrity for intermittent or late data, as well as data bursts
  • Comprehensive range of data retrieval modes for faster report generation
  • Historian pairing for lower cost high availability and domain isolation
  • Advanced trending and reporting clients
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