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Wonderware Enterprise Integrator

Wonderware Enterprise Integrator enables fast and reliable information exchange between Wonderware Software and Enterprise Business Systems.

Wonderware Enterprise Integrator offers a standard software approach to Plant to Enterprise integration or MES to Enterprise integration. Typical integration scenarios include connecting business systems such as ERP or Supply Chain Management with Wonderware MES or Wonderware InBatch software and other shop floor applications.

Wonderware Enterprise Integrator is designed to ensure continued plant operations—so if your ERP is temporarily unavailable, the “persisted” message history remains intact.


Key Benefits

  • Reduces cost of ownership for integrating Wonderware software to enterprise systems, while supporting industry standards such as ISA-95 and B2MML
  • Programmatic, modular design allows any application to be integrated, so that one consistent approach to enterprise integration is adopted
  • Enables existing business and manufacturing systems to work in a complementary fashion that is loosely coupled yet extremely reliable

Key Capabilities

  • Reliable message transportation and persistence
  • Message store & forward, history and contingency
  • Extensibility to add reusable add-on functionality such as system connectivity, message transformation and translations
  • Configuration, administration, status monitoring and manual recovery actions via a secure web-based user interface

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