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Superior HMI/SCADA Design

Wonderware Development Studio is easy to use, increases engineering effectiveness, improves quality and consistency, and saves you time and money. The Wonderware Development Studio consists of a single development environment designed to enable the rapid design, deployment, maintenance, and future expansion of HMI/SCADA applications as well as MES and EMI applications.

Imagine an HMI/SCADA design environment that enables you to create a core set of standard reusable software objects and then replicate, configure, and deploy them instantly. Reuse of standard objects also makes deployment of changes across your entire network a snap. No tedious object by object configuration work, no design inconsistencies, no device connectivity guesswork. Just easy, flexible and powerful tools at your fingertips to get the job done fast, consistently, and safely.

Key Benefits

  • Improve engineering effectiveness
  • Reduce application development cost
  • Greater Application Consistency
  • Wider use of Standardization
  • Fast deployment of changes across the network
  • Reduce application errors
  • Extend usable life cycle of application
  • Extend device and systems connectivity
  • Simplify application maintenance
  • Longer Application Life-cycle
  • Easy reuse of previous engineering work using standard objects

Key Capabilities

  • Build compelling, intuitive, secure, reliable and maintainable applications with ease
  • Powerful multiuser features deliver the ultimate in team collaboration
  • A single powerful development environment for all your engineering tasks
  • Template-based development of objects and graphics
  • Complete and customizable Graphics library
  • Configurable security and audit trails
  • Management of all I/O, history, alarms, events, graphics, scripts and more with one tool
  • Extensible by means of Microsoft .NET and Wonderware APIs

Related Success Stories
Yellow River Conservancy Commission

To regulate the Yellow River, which spans nine Chinese provinces, the Yellow River Conservancy Commission uses Wonderware Development Studio to manage this complex, distributed network of computers and software.

Read the Success Story (pdf)

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