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Wonderware Corporate Energy Management

Corporate Energy Management (CEM) refers to sets of actions that move accountability for energy outcomes to upper levels of the firm. With CEM, energy is no longer the sole responsibility of plant managers and engineers. In fact, CEM programs are designed to involve many areas of business activity, such as accounting, marketing, and others that were not traditionally concerned with energy. Bringing corporate-level attention and management into the picture helps to ensure enterprise-wide opportunities are explored.

Wonderware Corporate Energy Management allows plant personnel to monitor real-time energy use and automatically notifies operators, supervisors and cost accountants of energy inefficiencies and waste. It connects directly to meters on a network, through industrial controllers or through building automation systems, and it is layered on top of ArchestrA System Platform, enabling integration with a wide range of industrial controllers and I/O data sources. This unique approach enables direct integration with the process and adds essential context to energy usage, such as asset state, production results and operating parameters. Functionality includes recording consumption and demand at main and submeters for a wide range of energy types, including power, water, chill, gas, air and steam. The current price for each energy type can be updated in real time to reflect the emerging wholesale markets for energy or the cost of site generation.


Key Features

  • Granular, contextual reports – view analytical energy consumption reports and drill into details
  • Scalable – collect data from one plant, from one site or from geographically dispersed sites
  • Diverse – address all energy types, including power, water, gas, chill, air and steam

Key Capabilities

  • Enables real-time “energy management” – discover wasteful energy situations, saving money
  • Transforms raw energy data into actionable information – understand consumption history, patterns and costs
  • Collects energy data from a wide array of meters – quickly maintain and configure new meters